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itcc locksmith quizFEELING SAFE??

 1.How many burglaries were there in the whole of the United Kingdom last year, according to police statistics?

a)4.3 million

b)0.5 million

Answer: 0.5 million 

With so many people becoming more vigilant about home security, theft has become less of a problem generally in the UK, compared with previous years. Neighbourhood watch schemes are also helping to drive crime down.

2.What type of person worries more about crime?

a)Rich people who have expensive properties and possessions, who have the most to lose

b)People on low incomes, in bad health, living in inner city areas

Answer: b) people on low incomes.

Young households, lone parents and the unemployed are all more than twice as likely to be burgled as the average household. Their homes are less likely to be secure, with older window and door locks that don’t conform to the latest British Standards. They are also less likely to insure their belongings. Adults on low incomes, in bad health, living in inner city areas and social renting are also more likely to be worried about being a victim of any crime than adults on average.

3.Is crime…..

a)…on the increase

b)…decreasing every year?

Answer: b) decreasing (in general).

In general, police-recorded crime is down 38% since 2002. Attempted thefts of vehicles decreased by 16% from the previous year. There has been a 15% decline in criminal damage and a 13% decline in robberies. The only category of crime to show an increase is theft from the person, which rose by 8%.

4.Which city has the most burglaries?

a) London

b) Liverpool

c) Leeds

Answer: c) Leeds  

Certain areas of Leeds (LS13) are the UK’s worst burglary hot spots. Residents there not only face the misery of being burgled but could also end up paying 20% more for their home insurance.

Even if you haven’t been a victim of burglary directly, you can often end up paying more for insurance if there are higher rates of burglary claims made within your postal area.

Don’t be complacent about the fall in crime. The figures will never be low enough for our liking. A recent report, known as “the peace index” and published by the Institute for Economics and Peace, reports that Lewisham is the least peaceful place to live in the UK, closely followed by Lambeth, Hackney, Newham and Tower Hamlets.

The report was compiled using five indicators: the murder rate, the violent crime rate, the weapons crime rate, the public disorder offences rate, and the number of police officers per 100,000 people.

So where do you have to move to if you want to live in the most peaceful county in Britain?


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