Sevenoaks Crime and Security News ITCC LOCKSMITHS

Sevenoaks Crime and Security News ITCC LOCKSMITHS

Sevenoaks Crime Stats

Are you concerned about the status of crime in your area?

Good news for Sevenoaks residents! Sevenoaks, TN13, is one of the safest districts in the county of Kent with the minimal local crime statistics. The Sevenoaks District Community Safety partnership is very proactive and works hard to make sure that – with the public’s help – they can keep it that way. They have a number of initiatives to offer to Sevenoaks residents. These include holiday loan kits, which include timer switches, UV pens to mark your property, shed alarms and lots of useful advice on how to protect your home. These kits are available to borrow by calling the Community Safety Unit. You then collect them from a local police station or from the Council Offices.

Local Crime Statistics

It’s interesting to note that burglary and local crime statistics are so low in the TN13 area that keeps Sevenoaks crime stats at a very low level. After all, this is one of the wealthiest areas in the country, and burglars must view it as an area full of rich pickings. But in July 2013, there were a mere four burglaries within a mile of the town centre. We can hazard a guess as to why this is the case.

Crime in Your Area

Crime in Your Area

The main reason is possibly that locals are more likely to have secure homes. Perhaps they have replacement UPVC doors and windows, with good, High Security Anti Snap Euro Cylinders already fitted. Perhaps a higher percentage of people have burglar alarms and security lights. Perhaps more people are at home during the day, and remember to lock up properly when they go out. It’s a fact that it’s the disadvantaged people in a community who have more reason to fear crime. Their homes are less secure and therefore more easily targeted by opportunist thieves.
The makeup of the population might also have a bearing. There is less unemployment in the Sevenoaks,TN13 area, so there are consequently fewer desperate people willing to take the chance of burgling your home.

But people living in Sevenoaks TN13 shouldn’t be complacent. The number of Sevenoaks crimes overall has risen since this time last year, and is higher than in other, similar communities. Kent Police has a number of suggestions to help local people protect their property and with a relatively high number of people in the Sevenoaks area having expensive outdoor tools and machinery, it pays to take advice from the experts about how to store these outdoor items securely.
The police suggest:
• Disabling lawn mowers and other large machinery when not in use, and chaining them together. Ask your local locksmith for a suitable padlock for this purpose so that you can reduce crime in your area.
• Using a close-shackle padlock to secure the shed itself
• Ensuring that the screws are not accessing when using a hasp and staple lock or pad bolts also ensure lower crime stats.
• Securing your hanging baskets to their brackets.
Make sure, too, that your foliage is well trimmed and does not provide a cover for burglars.Oh – and don’t forget the Neighbourhood Watch scheme. It’s by keeping an eye out for unusual situations and suspicious behaviour that the Sevenoaks’ local crime statistics will fall even further.

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