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Southwark Crime and Security News – ITCC LOCKSMITHS

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If you live in Bermondsey, SE16, Camberwell, SE5, Dulwich, SE22, East Dulwich, SE22, Herne Hill, SE24, Peckham, SE15, Rotherhithe, SE16, Southwark, SE1 or Walworth, SE17 you might be wondering how the Southwark crime levels in your borough compare with those in other areas of London. Do you get the feeling that there are more crimes in your area than the borough of Southwark?

The London Borough of Southwark, at  a population of nearly 290,000, has surprisingly lower local crime statistics. At 99 people per hectare, this makes it a very crowded part of London to live in, with a population density of twice that of other London boroughs, on average.

The Independent newspaper reported recently that certain areas of the country are known crime hotspots. They picked up on a study by, in which 3.49 million home insurance claims for burglary were analysed. The number of claims made per 1,000 enquiries was then calculated, to allow areas to be compared. East Dulwich, SE22, was ninth in the list of top twenty UK postcodes where homeowners are most likely to have made a claim.
East Dulwich, of course, is a prosperous neighbourhood, so perhaps it’s not surprising that there were more claims in this area. The figures vary from ward to ward within Southwark, and looking at the borough overall, it’s quite reassuring to know that the crime rate in Southwark is only average.

But cynics might point out that it’s easy to manipulate the statistics to make them say what you want them to say. Overall, the rate of crimes in this borough is about twice that of the borough with the lowest rate. In July 2013, there were nearly 600 of what the police call “acquisitive” crimes in Southwark (burglaries to residential properties, car thefts, thefts from vehicles, etc.).
Even so, the police are keen to reassure us that crime figures for the borough are falling, with 34599 crimes recorded in 2012/2013, compared with a much higher figure of 37038 in 2010/2011.

Local Crime Statistics in the Borough of Southwark

Local Crime Statistics

Local Crime Statistics

Another positive statistic is that there were fewer crimes in March 2013 than in any month since April 2011 – 19% less than average. And the residents of Southwark seem pretty satisfied with the way these figures are shaping up. When asked: “Taking everything into account, how good a job do you think the police in this area are doing?”, only 12% thought the service was “poor” or “very poor”. Everyone else thought that policing in the borough was fair, good or even excellent.
The police are always at pains to point out on their website that most crimes are minor – less-serious burglaries are usually much more common than more-serious ones. And since 1995, the number of crimes in England and Wales has almost halved.

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It’s worth taking note of one particular type of Southwark crime that is featured on the Southwark Police website: that of cycle crime. There has apparently been a growing trend of stealing bikes from garages and sheds. Police advice is to use two good quality different types of locks as thieves generally carry only one type of tool. Ideally, to decrease local crime statistics, you should secure your bikes to an immovable object. Audible sheds alarms are also a great deterrent and will provide extra protection for your tools as well as your bikes. So take advice from a locksmith about which locks you should fit. It might save you a lot of inconvenience and money in the long run while keeping Southwark crimes in your area at low!

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