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Home and Business Security

Domestic and Business Security Keeping yourself or your business safe and secure is increasingly becoming more complex as criminals are continuously developing new tactics in order to breach personnel or company security to commit harm, theft or commercial sabotage such…
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How to prevent your car from being stolen

11 ways to help prevent your car from being stolen London has the highest proportion of Car theft in the UK in comparison to population; in fact 42% of all car thefts in 2014 were committed in the Greater London area. According…
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Garage Security Tips

Garage Security Tips Traditionally garages are the weak links when it comes to home security especially if these garages are attached to the home. They can give relatively easy access to your home. That is why we have written a…
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Burglaries in London

Burglaries in London According to the Evening Standard, there were  46,259 Burglaries in London last year with only 6% being solved by the police. Londoners working and living in and around the City of London stomached 169 residential and commercial burglars…
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Crime in Waterloo SE1

Crime in Waterloo SE1 Crime in Waterloo perhaps you’ve been unfortunate enough to have been a victim of a Crime in Waterloo such been burgled , and have called out the SE1 locksmith to replace your locks or install a burglar…
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