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Locksmith West Mosley

We provide a 24 hour emergency locksmith in West Mosley. Our locksmith and trained technician lives locally and can be with you in around 30 minutes of your call.
We provide a full locksmith service to both domestic and commercial clients. This includes
· Lock change

· Lock repairs

· Repair or replacing UPVC locks on patio doors

· We can gain access to your locked safe.

· Unlock car doorsLocksmith West Mosley

· We can fit and maintain


· Burglar alarms

· Access control systems

6 Month Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities and as a result we have introduced a 6 month guarantee on all work carriedo ut by our locksmith West Mosley. This ensures if we do manage to make a mistake which is highly unlikely we will always return to fix the problem at no extra cost, ensuring your satisfaction.

Crime in West Molesey

According to Surrey police there was 204 burglaries in both East and West Molesey in 2015. Now this is slightly higher than average when compared to the population and other areas of London making up almost 8% of all crime in the area. This may be due to any number of reasons, however it is known for burglars to target suburban areas as the homes are usually easier to access and if not garages and sheds become a thieves main target.

Bike thefts made up almost 6% of all crime with over 60 bikes being stolen.

That is why we have come up with a few easy to follow tips which will help you protect yourself and your property.

Tips from our Locksmith

1. Suburban areas such as West Mosley are typically made up mainly of detached and semi detached homes. Due to shrubbery, back alleys and a number of other factors these homes are usually slightly more vulnerable to burglaries than homes in more built up areas. So we recommend installing motion sensor lighting which will turn on when someone approaches. We also suggest installing a burglar alarm as these are one of the most effective systems you can implement to protect your home any time of the day.

2. A technique used by many burglars is called lock snapping. This is when a burglar uses a screwdriver to open the centre of the lock rendering the whole mechanism useless. To overcome this we recommend an ABS key which is designed to be snap and pick resistant. ABS locks are rated 3 stars by the BIS which is the highest security rating. Our locksmith West Mosley can install these locks and can answer any other question you may have.

3. Many burglaries can be prevented, at ITCC we offer a security survey service where we will visit your premises and identify any security vulnerability the building has. From this we will present you with our recommendations on how you can increase overall security.

4. If you have patio doors ensure you purchase anti lift guards which will prevent the door from being lifted off the rollers, which is surprisingly easy to do.

The map above shows the centre of the location served by our West Mosley Locksmith.

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