What is a Smart Doorbell

Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells are increasingly becoming a popular door feature. This is all due to the rise of The Internet Of Things, which com

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Security is Key

prises of multiple electronic items communicating with each other by using the internet. A good example of this is Amazon Alexa or Google Nest, you can ask these systems to turn on and off your lights with a simple voice command. 

Smart doorbells work in a very similar way. When the doorbell has been activated will send your phone via the internet a message on the designated app. 

How do Smart Doorbells Work?

Smart doorbells work in the same way as a standard door bell, it has a button and a speaker located in your home notifying you of a presence. However smart doorbells can do much more. Most smart doorbells are fitted with a high definition camera and a motion sensor. When someone steps in front of your door the motion sensor will detect them, this will then turn on the camera which will send a live video to your smartphone using the manufacturers app. The app will notify you whenever the doorbell has been activated or has detected movement. The vast majority of these smart doorbells are fitted with a 2 way audio system allowing you to communicate with anyone at your door. 

What are the benefits 

Security is the biggest benefit of the smart doorbell. 

The video camera of your smart doorbell adds a layer of protection which was probably not there before. The camera allows you as the homeowner to see who is at your door without you having to open up and expose yourself or your home. 

Another benefit of the smart doorbell is in the video recording capability and high definition camera. Most smart doorbells have a high definition camera along with a memory system which allow numerous hours of recording. So if there was someone acting shifty outside of your home or the worst was to happen and your home was broken into using the front door, you will have video evidence which may allow the police  to identify the assailant.

Two Way Audio 

Most smart doorbells are fitted with a two way audio system. This means you can talk to whoever is outside your home through the door bell. Furthermore any burglar will more than likely run off if you speak to them through the doorbell once they realise they are being watched. 

Smart Locks 

Smart Doorbells are not just compatible with your smartphone they are also compatible with smart locks. Some new smart locks and smart doorbells can communicate with each other and can unlock your door based on facial recognition. This combination can prove beneficial especially if you are one of those people who always seems to forget your keys. 


Another benefit of a smart doorbell is if you’re out during a delivery, you can speak directly with the delivery person giving them instruction on where to leave your package. 

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