Why changing locks is so important when moving into new or old properties.

This post illustrates the importance of changing your locks when you move into a new property.

Changing locks when moving to a new house is an important step to ensure the safety of your home and family. It is the only way to be completely in control of who has keys to your propertyAccording to the UK’s largest locksmith association, almost a third of people still have a key to one of their previous homes.  This means that previous occupants, cleaners, babysitters, and estate agents could all have a spare key to your new home.

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Are your locks outdated?

If you move into an older property, the locks may be outdated and not offer the level of security a newer lock would. It’s always a good idea to have your locks regularly checked and upgraded if necessary. Despite this, Yale found that 65% of people haven’t upgraded their home security in the last two years.

Even if you’re moving into a new build home, tradesmen, site staff, and estate agents have all had access to your house keys, so it’s worth changing the locks. You could use the opportunity to have your entire property keyed alike, which means one key will open all your doors.

It is recommended to change the locks as soon as possible after moving in. This will help put your mind at ease if you have a family and lots of valuable possessions. Changing door locks is not the only thing you should consider. You should also change window locks, garage door locks, and even shed door locks.

If you are unsure about how to change the locks, it is advisable to hire a professional locksmith. We can help you choose the right type of lock that suits your specific needs and offers the level of security you require.

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