High Security Locks

What Is A High Security Lock?

High Security locks have been designed and built to provide a greater level of protection against the typical methods used to bypass them which can include; 

Lock Snapping – Euro Cylinder locks which are seen on 80% of UK households can be snapped in as little as 10 seconds using tools from your shed. Lock snapping is exactly what it sounds like and involves snapping the lock exposing the cam which is the inside of the lock, once this has been spun  round the door is no longer locked.

Lock Bumping – Is a technique used by criminals using a special type of key which bumps the lock pins into place consequently unlocking the door.

Lock Picking – This involves carefully manipulating the lock pins without using a key, instead lock picks are used, these can be brought rather easily and cheaply, while this method is not used very much by criminals now a days it is still used and still represents a threat.

Drilling – While being noisy drilling is used quite extensively to bypass locks. Drilling a lock simply involves drilling the lock in the correct place in order to destroy the internal components which will unlock the door.


How Do High Security Locks Work?

High Security Locks use a number of methods to increase there resistance to such attacks.

They do this by

  • Security Pins & Magnets – Anti Bump And Anti Pick Pins are located within the lock. These pins make it much harder to pick and almost impossible to bump.
  • Stronger Materials and Anti Drill Pins – Using stronger materials such as Molybdenum and anti drill plates and pins to withstand drilling for longer.
  • Sacrificial Section – A sacrificial section of a lock  can be seen on the external section and will easily break off in the event of a lock snapping attempt, leaving the remainder of the lock safely within the door.
ABS locks supplier
This Is The Inside Workings Of A High Security Lock By Avocet Security.

How Do You Identify A High Security Lock

Identifying a High Security Lock is easy, if you know what you are looking for. 

Locks which are designated as high security should feature the British standard kite mark, this confirms the lock meets British Standard 3621, which is a level of theft resistance. 

The next thing you need to look out for is the star ratings which are seen on Euro Cylinder Locks. 

  • No stars mean the lock is of standard security 
  • 1 star the lock is of Medium security 
  • 3 star the lock is High Security 
You should find this located on the faceplate of the lock. 
British Standard High Security
3 Stars & British Standard Kite Mark

What Types of High Security Locks Can ITCC Provide

abs locks itcc locksmiths

ABS Locks By Advocet

ution lock itcc locksmiths

Ultion Locks By Brisant

Banham Locks By Banham

ITCC Locksmiths can provide our customers with a wide range of High Security Locks which include but not limited to Banham, ABS and Ultion. These three are the types we usually use however we can source and fit any type of high Security lock. 

You should find this located on the faceplate of the lock. 
High Security Lock Brands

We Only Use Supplies From The Most Trusted Brands

Why Call ITCC Locksmiths To Supply and Install A High Security Lock

ITCC Locksmiths are a family run, London based Locksmith company with over 13 years of experience.  We have a team of locksmiths and technicians on call 24/7 operating in and around Greater London & Greater Manchester. 

We deliver a fast and reliable service to both residents and commercial establishments from simple lock changes to install high tech access control systems. 

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