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Locksmith Avery Hill – 30 minutes response

We have a locksmith based just a stone’s throw away from Avery Hill at our headquarters located in Sidcup. Which means no matter what time you need a locksmith we will always have one on hand to help and because we are based so close we will always aim to be with you in less than 30 minutes?

We operate 24 hours a day and as a number of our locksmiths live in the nearby areas such as Sidcup, Eltham and Blackfen no matter what time you call and no matter how busy we are we will always be able to send you a locksmith quickly. So whenever you are in need of a local emergency locksmith Avery Hill just give us a call.

We don’t just cater for emergencies you can book an appointment which best suits your schedule; we deliver a full range of locksmith services to both residents and businesses of the Avery Hill area.

An experienced local Avery Hill locksmith

ITCC have been operating for 10 years and have always been based in Sidcup so we know the area extremely well, we have good knowledge of the types of homes in the area and the problems they tend to suffer. For example as Avery hill is a suburb it suffers from higher than average burglary rates. As suburban homes tend to be easier to access than homes based in inner London.

Locksmith tips

  1. Suburban homes usually have a shed or garage, these are prime targets for criminals as they are easy to gain access to and can contain valuable items such as power tools and bikes which can be easily sold on. To overcome this we recommend keeping your shed windows covered so opportunist thieves won’t be able to see the sheds contents.  Secondly ensure the door is locked with a strong padlock with the screws hidden making it extremely difficult for the thief to render the lock useless.
  2. Two thirds of burglars gain access to buildings using the front and back door either by simply walking through an unlocked door or by forcing the door open, with the remaining third gaining access through a open window.  To overcome such problems we highly recommend you lock all doors and windows when you vacate the building. And secondly in order to stop forced entry you need to have a strong frame and lock. We recommend buying one of our 3 star locks in addition to getting us to fit a London bar to reinforce the door frame making it force resistant.
  3. Ensure all your windows have good quality locks. Single glazed windows are easy to smash, we highly recommend that you install double glazed windows or install a window guard rail which means even if the windows are smashed a thieve will be unable to get through.

The map refers to the centre of the area served and not the location of our locksmith Avery Hill

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