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Locksmith Newington

Are you in need of a competent trained and trusted local Newington Locksmiths? Our locksmith lives near the Elephant and castle and as a result can be at your location quickly usually within 30 minutes.

Your Trusted and Local 24 hour Emergency

And best of all he is on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week ensuring whenever you are in need of a locksmith quickly we will always be on hand to help.  So no matter what day it is and no matter what the time just give us a call whenever you are in need of a locksmith in Newington.

6 Month Guarantee

Our Locksmith Newington provides all customers with a 6 month guarantee on all of our work.  So if we do somehow manage to make a mistake, we always ensure we fix the problem. Helping guarantee your satisfaction.

Crime in Newington

Newington has some of the highest crimes rates in the capital. Mainly due to local deprivation and the concentration of housing. Last year the Newington had a total of 122 reported burglaries with the vast majority coming from residential homes. Southardk as a whole ensured 2958 burgularies last year. Locksmith Newington

Tips from our Locksmith

If you live in a block of flats ensure you close the communal entrance door when entering and leaving. These doors should not be left open as it allows any tom dick or harry to walk in.

If you are worried about the security of your property please give our locksmith Newington a call. He will be able to come round and assess the security of your property identifying any weak points. From this assessment he will then write a list of recommendations on how we can both improve your security and safety.

If you own an office in the Newington you may want to consider Access control. This allows you to have total control of who enters the building  and who has access to the different areas of the building. For example you may have a room which contains sensitive information which you don’t want to fall into anyone’s hands. You can restrict this room to only authorised personnel. Another benefit of such as system is that you no longer have to worry about lost keys. However if you do lose the fob or card you can just delete it from the database and replace when possible.

The map above shows the centre of the location served by our Newington Locksmith.

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