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ITCC has a team of mobile locksmiths covering West London who also live in the area and best of all they operate 24hrs a day so whenever you are in need of our services quickly we will usually be able to reach you in 30 minutes sometimes sooner.

What we can do

Our locksmith in Twickenham can help you with

  • Installing locks on doors, windows, cubards, grills and many more.locksmith twickenham
  • Replacing Locks
  • Increasing property security – installing peep hole, upgrading locks, adding lock chains etc etc
  • Conduct security survey for insurance  purposes
  • Gaining access to safes
  • Opening car doors

Our locksmiths are very familiar with all types and brands of locks this includes, Banham, Avocet ABS locks, Sterling, ERA, Union, Yale, Chubb and more.

Why ITCC Twickenham Locksmith

So why would you choose ITCC Locksmith in Twickenham

  1. We operate 24/7
  2. Our Locksmiths are DBS checked
  3. Affordable24/7 Local Locksmith Twickenham
  4. Highly trained , friendly and professional service
  5. Local TW1 Locksmith

All of our locksmiths have been taught both modern and traditional locksmithing techniques helping ensure we will be able to pick or remove any type of lock.


We work with all the major brands to understand supply, fit and remove every type of lock, which include

  1. Euro cylinders
  2. Mortice locks
  3. Deadbolts
  4. Electronic locks
  5. Bio metric locks
  6. Bullet locks
  7. High security locks
  8. UPVC Mechanism

And many more.


Local TW1 Locksmith

Twickenham is a suburb in West London bordering Teddington and Whitton. Twickenham is mainly made up of semi detached houses many of them were constructed after WW2. Over time the vast majority of these homes have been made more secure overtime with UPVC doors and double glazed windows installed. Suburban areas are often targeted by burglars who are seeking to make a quick quid. They often target sheds and garages and look for small or easily movable items to steal such as bikes, power and garden tools etc. Our Twickenham locksmith recommends ensuring your shed and garage window is obscured ensuring no one can see their contents. additionally an alarmed padlock which will activate if the the padlock is being tampered with and for the garage a garage defender is advisable.

Helpful Advice

• It only takes a burglar an average of two minutes to break into a house. Make sure you have British Standard locks fitted, to make it as difficult as possible for an intruder to gain access. Of course, your locksmith Twickenham can sort these for you.
• Your locksmith Twickenham can also bring the cost of your home insurance down. He can advise you about extra security features that will make you a safer bet for the insurers, and will enable you to negotiate a cheaper quote when it’s time to renew. Yes, there will be the initial outlay to consider, but in the long run you will benefit through increased security, a safer home and cheaper insurance.
• Did you know that you can buy safes specifically designed for laptops? A data safe will protect against fire, smoke and water damage for around 120 minutes on average. A handy tip is to make sure you choose a model with an internal shelf for digital media and hard drives and perhaps some drawers for smaller items such as memory sticks. Ask your ITCC locksmith in TW1 about the range of models available.

The map location above refers to the centre of the postcode served, rather than the discrete location of one of our agents or premises.

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