Security Safes

Keep things safe with a safe

Safes are increasingly becoming popular with both residential and commercial customers. So if you need a safe, and maybe you need a fitted safe, we can help. Or perhaps your current safe is locked and you are thus unable to gain access to the contents, or on the other hand maybe you just have a safe which needs fixing. No matter what you need you deserve a locksmith that you can place your trust in, someone who knows everything about safes and someone who can get the job done quickly. And that is exactly what ITCC do, our team of expert locksmiths can resolve any safe problem you may have.

Have you forgotten your combination number, or maybe you’ve lost the key. But don’t worry no matter what the brand or make we can always gain access. Opening safes is usually just a matter of identifying where to retrieve the information needed to unlock it. However it doesn’t matter how much of a challenge it is we will always gain access in no time at all.

Safe Installation

A safe is one of the safest and most secure places to secure your valuables as well as any sensitive documents such as contracts. But which safe would be best for you?  We will listen to your requirements then recommend a number of safes which our experts believe would be best for you; we will also provide an expert safe installation service.

Fixing a Safe

Safes can of course range in prices greatly, the most secure safes are generally more expensive, which means if your safe is damaged it’s better financially to get the safe repaired rather than replaced. Fixing a safe is environmentally friendlier too, so you’re not just saving yourself the inconvenience of getting rid of the heavy safe you are also helping save the planet.

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