Smart Home, What is it?

Smart HomSmart Homee what’s all the fuss about?

Who could have ever imagined that one day you could control things within the home such as heating lights, etc remotely from your mobile phone, well that’s exactly what a smart home is. Some of you reading this will have some knowledge of what a smart home is and your home may already have some of the smart home gadgets on the market. The idea of an autonomous home has been around for quite a while, for me it conjures up images of the cartoon film the Jetsons. In our homes automated heating and cooling systems are already widespread. However with recent advances in technology computers and smartphones for example have made the smart home much more accessible to the masses.

So what can I do with a Smart Home kit?

The Smart Home now is a jack of all trades and enables you to automate everyday tasks which save you both time and money, while also increasing the security of your home, this is because mobile apps allow you to turn your security systems on and off in addition to lights and other appliances which can give the impression to potential thieves your property is occupied even if it’s not. And during the cold winters you can switch your heating on before you get home, so as soon as you step in the door your home is nice and toasty warm.

Some of the new Smart home systems allows you to control your locks through your phone which enables family and other visitors to enter and exit your home without you physically being there, it is also very handy if your one of them people who constantly worry if you locked the door or the window, well with these systems their no need to worry, so no more will you have to hide a set of keys for the cleaner or give out spares to your neighbours and maybe you will never need a set of keys again, since most phones have a GPS built in all you need is a smart lock on your doors and they will automatically unlock when you are close. However it is worth mentioning that with all things computer related,  can be hacked and thus disabled, so at the moment it may still be worth keeping a set of keys, just encase.

So who should I choose?                      

We are no experts in Smart Homes but here are some companies may be worth checking out.

  1. Canary- A one stop shop for an all in one security system, which allows you to monitor your home.
  2. Notion- Notion allows you to monitor almost everything, from smoke alarms, temperature and windows.
  3. August Smart Locks- One of the leading smart lock companies, they have created system that works with your existing deadbolts, which makes them very competitively, priced.
  4. Homeseer- allows you to control almost everything from temperature, lights, locks TV’s and much more. The system even allows you to programme your home verbally.

For more information on Smart homes the Guardian have a whole category dedicated to it please follow the link here.

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