What Information Is Shared With The Locksmith

Are you in London and need the services of a locksmith? Are you in a dilemma on what information to share with the locksmith? Worry not we have Locksmiths who can  perform different tasks ranging from lockout services, installing and upgrading locks, cutting keys and rekeying, replacing broken locks.

In London there are several locksmith companies that deal with both your residential and commercial locksmith needs. Before you contact or call a locksmith there are some things you should know which include:

  • They should be licensed – this shows that they are qualified and their services are of high quality
  • They should have experience – you should view the company’s websites to check on the reviews and ratings of the locksmith
  • Respond within a short time – the locksmith should be in a position to get to your location quickly or take the shortest time possible as some cases may be emergencies for example when locked up in the car or house.
  • They should offer 24/7 services since some emergencies may occur at night or weekends and holidays.

choosing your locksmith in london - ITCC

 When you are choosing a locksmith there is a lot of information (do’s) that you can share with him or her which include:

  • Provide information on whether you are locked inside or outside the house or car.
  • Are the keys available whether in the car or house.
  • Are you in possession of a letter box
  • Whether the door is made of wood or PVC
  • You can explain to him about your situation as this will enable him or her understand what you need.
  • Tell him the numbers of locks in your house that need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Inform him the make of your lock so that they can know the skills required before coming to do the work.
  • Inform the locksmith on any other different entry point that can be used in order to pick the best
  • Inform him or her whether the locks work efficiently when open or when closed which is an indication that the lock has no problem, but that the latch is defective.

On the other hand there is some information that you are not supposed to share with the locksmith (don’ts) such as:

In London there are several locksmith companies. ITCC is one of the famous companies which are known to offer their services 24/7. It is a company that is run by a family. Their head offices are located in Sidcup. There services range from residential to commercial.

They install CCTV for different businesses and also homes. It has been existent for more than 10 years. Once you call them they take around 30 minutes to get to your location. The company has reliable and well trained locksmiths who ensure that they provide quality services to their clients.

The locksmiths always have the tools and equipment’s they need in order for them to perform their tasks efficiently. ITCC offers services to both private and public houses. Their rates are friendly and can be afforded by everybody.

ITCC offers the following services to their client:

  • Lockout services-when somebody is locked in or out of the house of or office
  • Repair and replace broken locks which could have been destroyed due to robberies or are worn out.
  • Install locks
  • Rekeying the locks if one suspects that an intruder has a copy of the key.
  • Install safes in commercial building to enhance safety of cash

Locksmiths are very essential people in the society today as they serve several purposes in today’s world.

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