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Locksmith Hook

Have you just locked yourself out of your home well don’t worry. ITCC have a mobile locksmith that resides  locally and can be at your door in 30 minutes. We operate 24hours a day so whenever you need an emergency locksmith hook just gives us a call no matter the time or day.

Qualified and police checked locksmith

All of our locksmith and technicians have undergone extensive training with our top locksmiths who have been working in the industry for over 15 years and know the ins and outs of job extensively. We retrain our locksmiths on a regular basis to ensure all of our locksmiths are brought up to speed on all the newest technology, techniques and tools to ensure any door can be unlocked quickly and without causing damage.

All of our field staff have had a background check carried out by the police known as a DBS check. This ensures none of our locksmith’s has any criminal convictions so you can trust in their character and their ability to carry out any locksmith job.

Our services

Our locksmith in Hook delivers a wide range of services to both business and residents which we have listed below. If you cannot see the service you require please give us a call and we will do our best to help.

  • Door Unlock
  • Lock change
  • Unlock car doors
  • Install electronic locks
  • Install safes for the home and business
  • Conduct security surveys – To identify weaknesses in security and for insurance purposes
  • Install and repair UPVC locks mechanisms
  • Bored up windows

We can also

  • Install and maintain CCTV
  • Install and maintain access control
  • Install and maintain Burglar alarms
  • We can also install other security systems just give us a call to find out.


We accept payment in cash or by card.

Our tips

  1. Burglars usually gain access using 1 of 4 ways. The easiest way is walking straight through the front door which has been left open or unlocked. The second method may involve using force usually by kicking down a door to gain access, windows are also a possibility but are much louder and attract too much attention. The third way is to steal your keys this usually involves fishing through the letter flap for a set of keys which people usually leave on a cabinet next to the door. The fourth way is called lock snapping, which can be done in as little as 13 seconds. So to overcome these we have devised the following check list.
  • 1 3 star anti snap locks such as our ABS locks which are pick and snap resident
  • 2 London bars to fit around both your front and back doors to strengthen the frames and protect against forced entry.
  • 1 letter cage to fit around your letter flap to prevent fishing for keys.
    1. If you have a fence ensure it is 6 foot 6 inches tall, this is the highest possible without having to gain planning permission. The higher the fence the harder it is for a crook to run away with a bag full of stolen goods.
    2. If you have a garden ensure you keep it tidy and keep all your valuables safely locked away in your home or shed. Another good idea is to chain your lawn mowers, bikes and any other heavy expensive items together with a heavy duty chain

The map refers to the center of the location served rather than the location of our Locksmith in Hook.

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