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Are you in need of a competent, trained and trusted local Kilburn Locksmith? Our locksmith lives locally to Kilburn and as a result can be at your location quickly usually within 30 minutes.
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And best of all he is on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week ensuring whenever you are in need of a locksmith quickly we will always be on hand to help. So no matter what day it is and no matter what the time is just give us a call whenever you are in need of a locksmith in Kilburn.
All of our locksmiths and technicians our trained and professional, we ensure all of our field staff are police checked (DBS) and are certified.

Crime in Killburn

According to the Metropolitan police there were 133 burglaries in Kilburn last year which made up 6.29% of all crime in the area. Bike thefts totalled 34, with the majority of these bikes being stolen from people’s garages or sheds. Being a victim of such crime is awful but you can do something about it. At ITCC our customers safety and security is paramount, we will work in partnership with you to protect your home, your business and your families safety. However in the mean time we have written a small number of tips which will help you not become a crime statistic.

Tips from our LocksmithLocksmith Kilburn

1. 2/3rds of burglars gain access through the front or back door while the remaining third use a window. So it becomes of vital importance that you ensure your doors and windows are fitted with high quality locks.
2. Immobolise and BikeRegister are free property registers which allow anyone to register valuable possession such as electronic devices, mobile phones and bikes. Then if these items are stolen and recovered by the police they will check the database using any serial numbers on the property.
3. A technique used by many burglars is called lock snapping. This is when a burglar uses a screwdriver to open the centre of the lock rendering the whole mechanism useless. To overcome this we recommend an ABS lock, which is designed to be snap and pick resistant. ABS locks are rated 3 stars by the BIS which is the highest security rating. Our locksmith Kilburn can install these locks and can answer any other question you may have.

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