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Emergency Locksmith in Ascot

Have you found the best locksmith in Ascot, yet? ITCC’s local locksmith Ascot has been working in this area for a number of years, now, and takes pride in providing a locksmith in Ascot service that is honest, reliable and reasonably priced.

On Call 24 hours a day

Our locksmith is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so no matter what time of day you call he will always respond and as he lives locally to the area he can usually be with you in approximately 30 minutes to deal with your routine or emergency lock problems.

Crime And Tips From Our Locksmith

Even a well-to-do area like Ascot has its fair share of burglaries. In fact, a local consultation recently reported that concerns about burglaries in the area are local residents’ number one security priority. As the locksmith Ascot has found out, there were 81 burglaries and 134 other thefts in the town in 2015. Thefts from sheds are an issue, as well as thefts through patio windows during the summer months.

There’s lots that we can do to help you make your property more secure if this is an issue for you. Talk to us about the best type of locks for all models of doors and windows. We are an experts on securing sash windows, for example, and on providing suitable locks for wooden French doors. ITCC’s locksmith in Ascot is very knowledgeable about the latest insurance requirements, and can also change your door locks so that one key will fit them all. It’s a great way to cut down on the number of keys you have to carry around!

Locksmith Ascot

Ascot Town

Our locksmith is also the person to turn to if you need a better locking system for your UPVC patio door. Only a multi-point locking system is good enough to comply with insurance regulations, so talk to our locksmith in Ascot if you need to upgrade. Ask him, too, if you need better shed security – don’t underestimate how much all those tools would cost to replace! But whatever security you have or intend to install, make sure you use it. The highest-spec locks and gizmos are no use at all to you, if you forget to lock up.

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