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ITCC provides a 24hr emergency locksmith Bromley service to both domestic and commercial customers. So weather you are locked out of your home or business we can help and no matter what time you call us we aim to be with you in 30 minutes.

Fully Qualified and Police Checked  locksmith BR1

All of our master locksmiths are fully trained and retrained numerous times over the year to ensure all of our team are fully up to date with the latest techniques to ensure we can unlock your door without damaging anything. We use the latest tools and equipment and carry the latest range of secure British standard locks and because we carry a wide variety you get the choice of the lock we fit. All of our locksmiths are police checked  and certified by the (UKLA).

Guaranteed unlock, door lock installation and repair in Bromley.

Because our locksmith is local you will never have to wait too long for a response, like we said if you are in an emergency we aim to be with you in less than half an hour. This includes early in the morning and evenings during the week and weekends.

Gives us a call now for a free quote and book an appointment with our locksmith Bromley for a time which best suits your needs if you’re not in a rush. We supply a fully comprehensive locksmith service ranging from unlocking doors, repairing locks, lock installation boarding up any windows and doors after a break in.

Bromley is a suburban area of south east London and is one of the wealthiest boroughs of London with an average house price of £442,252. Bromley has a good mix of commercial and residential properties and as many of the residents of Bromley are commuters this gives thieves plenty of opportunity.

Burglaries in Bromley have actually increased in the last year compared to the previous year with approximately 400-500 burgularies reported in 2015, this means for every thousand people there were 7.72 burglaries which makes Bromley one of the highest areas in the capital when compared to population. The primary reasons for this is believed to be due to the areas relative prosperity which gives burglars more incentive to attempt a break in. the second primary factor is thought to be due to the suburban location and types of properties In the area, which can be fully detached homes with a joint garage and  gardens.

Locksmith Tips

1.    The most common entry points fir burglars are the back or side doors followed by the front door then through the garage. People often forget the vulnerability of a garage. Garages tend to be quite easy to gain access to especially electronic garages which can be fished open. So to stop this fishing we recommend you make a little shield which makes fishing for the cord almost impossible.  The shield can easily be made out of a piece of plywood. The shield should be sited in front of the cord in front of the garage door, fastened to the cleat with just two brad nails, so it can break away. This way when a criminal try’s to hook the wire to fish for the cord he will just hit the ply wood.

2.    As we discussed gardens can be vulnerable to criminals, we recommend you firstly keep your garden tidy and store any valuable items salty in your garage or shed, ensuring you garage or shed is locked and has either blinds or curtains blocking any visual accesses to their contents. We also recommend marking any valuables with a UV pen with your name and postcode. So if any items are stolen the police will be able to track the owner down.

The map location above refers to the centre of the area served, and not the location of our locksmith Bromley.