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Do you need a locksmith in Chislehurst?

Have you locked yourself out? Has the key snapped in your lock? It happens to us all at some time or other.

If you need an emergency locksmith in Chislehurst right now, call ITCC for assistance. Your locksmith Chislehurst is able to drive over to your house or office in under thirty minutes to solve your lock problems. The ITCC locksmith BR7 has a mobile van, loaded with all the necessary tools and equipment. Alternatively, you’re very close to ITCC’s headquarters in Sidcup, if you’d prefer to call in for top-of-the range auto key services and quality key cutting services. Either way, you’ll be looking for a locksmith Chislehurst who can be relied upon, so of course the ITCC locksmith in BR7 has been police checked.

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If you haven’t met your ITCC locksmith Chislehurst yet, you’ll be amazed at his knowledge of all things to do with locks. He can help you review your home or office security to minimise the risk of a burglary. To start the ball rolling, here are his Three Key Tips:

  • Burglars are lazy. They look for easy ways to get in to a home that won’t take long or arouse suspicion. If a house has a burglar alarm, for instance, they’ll move on to another down the road that isn’t so well-protected. Homes that look unoccupied and insecure are definitely more likely to be targeted, so take the advice of our locksmith in BR7 and make sure an intruder rejects your house.
  • Existing patio doors can be fitted with additional security bolts to stop lifting or forced entry. Ask your locksmith Chislehurst to review the security of your patio doors, especially if they are an older model.
  • Prevent easy access to the back and sides of your home by installing high, locked gates. Ask your locksmith BR7 for a sturdy padlock to secure the gates. You could think about adding a trellis topping to an existing gate or wall, as this also makes climbing difficult.

Bear in mind that affluent Chislehurst is likely to be a target for intruders. It’s inside the M25, but is a wealthy and pretty suburb with a village feel. The range of houses makes Chislehurst a popular choice; there are Georgian houses around the Commons, Victorian terraces, Arts and Crafts houses and some more modern houses and flats, too. Something for everyone!  A journey to London Bridge takes a mere 20 minutes, so many of the residents are commuters. This means that many of the houses are left unoccupied during the day. As the ITCC locksmith Chislehurst points out, this is just when burglars love to work. The secret is to make your house look as if it’s occupied, even when you’re out. Ask the locksmith Chislehurst to show you his range of timers, which can be set up to come on and go off at different times of the day. Leave a low-energy lamp on anyway, so that when the evenings draw in there will be signs of life in your home. By the way: a local builder called William Willett was responsible for ‘daylight saving’ when he had the idea of putting the clocks back in the summer. Think about him when you’re installing security lights outside, too: again, the locksmith Chislehurst can help you with these.

Of course, the level of security you need will depend on the size of your house. You’ll need to take the age of the property into account, too, The locksmith Chislehurst will be able to recommend the best window locks for your sash windows and wooden patio doors, as well as locks for your uPVC windows and doors.

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