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Locksmith Claygate

ITCC have a local locksmith located nearby Claygate and can usually arrive at your location in 30 minutes of your call. Our emergency locksmith in Claygate operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week so whenever you need him he will be ready to help.

Affordable, Qualified and fast responding locksmith

We price our services very competitively, when you give us a call we will give you a clear quote so you completely understand what the final cost will be.

All of our locksmiths have gone through rigours training to ensure they can complete any job quickly and effectivily meeting the highest standards. To ensure this we provide all customers with a 6 month guarantee on our work. This ensures on the very rare occasions we do make a mistake we will always fix it, ensuring our work meets your expectations.

ITCC is registered with the police and all of our staff has had police background checks carried out to ensure all of our staff are 100% trustworthy.

We supply and fit all major lock brands including Yale, Pavilion, Sterling, Era, Union, UPVC locks and many more, just give is a call and see how we can help.

We train all of our locksmiths to work with all types of lock such as night latches, mortice locks, euro cylinders and many more.


  • Door Unlock
  • Lock change
  • Unlock car doors
  • Install electronic locks
  • Install safes for the home and business
  • Conduct security surveys – Our locksmiths can also carry out a security survey on your property, this identifies any security vulnerabilities. From this we draw up a list of recommendation and products which will be able to increase your properties overall security. Better security appliances can decrease your home insurance premiums.
  • Install and repair UPVC locks mechanisms
  • Bored up windows

We can also

  • Install and maintain CCTV
  • Install and maintain access control
  • Install and maintain Burglar alarms
  • We can also install other security systems just give us a call to find out.

Facts and tips

Did you know last year there was a burglary carried out every 40 seconds in the UK.

The police only solve 6 in 100 burglaries; in 2013 the number was double with 12 in 100 being solved. This massive decline in solved burglaries is thought to be mainly down to the cuts in police funding which has forced the police to prioritise  their resource allocation.

In summer 2015 a their was approximately 200,000 burglaries in summer last year.

  1. Burglars like to target areas like rural Claygate as the homes tend to be easier to gain access to and there is much less of a police presence making it easier to escape.
  2. Sheds and garages are favourite targets for burglars. Make sure your shed and garage is secure with strong locks, and ensure the windows are covered to obscure anyone view from seeing their contents.
  3. The 5 most stolen items from sheds and gorges according to the Met police are
  • Bike
  • Power tools
  • Gardening tools
  • Sports equipment
  • Lawn Mowers

To help reduce the risk of these items being stolen chain your bikes lawn mowers and heavy tools together with a heavy duty chain. You can also attach an alarm to the inside on the shed or garage.

This map refers to the centre of the area served and not the exact location of our locksmith Claygate

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