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  • Unlocking your Doors
  • 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Crayford
  • Replacing Your Existing Locks
  • Fresh Lock Installation
  • Increasing Security – By installing High security locks, door viewers, London and Birmingham bars – we can even install CCTV and Alarms.
  • Inspecting your home for security vulnerabilities
  • Inspecting your home to ensure you meet your insurance requirements – If your locks are of a poor quality and you have other serious security issues your insure is not obliged to payout.

All of our locksmith carry a range of locks and other security accessorises in their vehicles, this gives you a choice of security and price.

All of our locksmiths have been trained in the techniques using the latest tools, helping ensure we can complete the vast majority of jobs in the very first visit.

Why choose ITCC

  • Recommended by local residents and businesses
  • 24/7 Locksmith Service Crayford DA1
  • DBS checked Staff
  • Affordable

ITCC is a local family run locksmith company based in South East London. We have a team of dedicated locksmiths which are on standby 24/7, so whenever you lose your keys or have been locked out of your property, one of our locksmiths is always on hand to help. Our Locksmith in Crayford DA1 can undertake any size job no matter how big or small it is, just give him a call anytime.

Local Crayford Locksmith

I’m confident as your locksmith DA1 I can offer the most competitive price in the area and because I’m local to the area I will probably be one of the quickest as well. However my skill set also caters for more routine work as well, so if you would like to book an appointment that best suit your work pattern that is absolutely fine. And since I’m your locksmith DA1 and I have been in this industry for a very long time I have picked up quite a bit of knowledge in regards to general security, so if you need me to cast my eye over your home and pin point any weakness, then present you with helpful advise on how to protect these areas just give me a call. Below are just some of my helpful tips.

Tips from our locksmith

  1. Safes for our home and business are increasingly becoming popular. You may want to consider buying one yourself especially if you have a lot of valuables in your home such as jewellery or large amounts of cash. Many safes are also fire and smoke resistant for an average of two hours so if the worst was to happen a safe stands a fighting chance of keeping your valuables well safe, additionally thieves are also less likely to try and rob a heavy cumbersome safe. We offer a wide range of safes which include wall mounted safes to data safes, ask your Crayford locksmith for the most appropriate safe for you.
  2. If you’re leaving the home unattended for a long period of time, going on holiday for example, it’s a good idea to prepare your house in advance so your home is safe and secure. Ensure you have locks fitted to your windows, ensure you cut any long grass or shrubbery to prevent thieves from hiding and ask Royal mail to hold your post while you’re away. Also make sure you hide all your valuables just encase someone breaks in by smashing a window.
  3. Simple additions to your security can increase your chances of a burglar moving. for example cheap locks can be picked, snapped and easily drilled, while more expensive locks such as the 3 star ABS lock has built in anti pick, snap and drill features and when a burglar sees such locks in most cases they will give up a seek a softer easier target.

If you need a locksmith Crayford today, or at any time in the future, give me a call.

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