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Have you been burgled? Has your key snapped in your lock? Your local ITCC locksmith in Downham can offer you a range of lock services at your home or office. A good locksmith in BR1 can be hard to find, so follow your instincts and go with an independent, family-run business that is focused on providing a quality service.

The locksmith Downham can also be contacted via ITCC’s headquarters, too, along Sidcup High Street. There, you’ll discover a comprehensive range of additional services such as auto key cutting, door and window locks and alarms, CCTV and the supply of safes. He’s happy to drive over to your premises to fit or repair locks, and will bring a comprehensive range of brand name products with him.

If you haven’t upgraded your security lately, ask the locksmith Downham for his advice. He’ll take an impartial look at your home or office and suggest ways in which you can make your property safer and more secure.

Our locksmith Downham has come to know the area well, as he’s often visiting local residents and businesses to repair or replace locks. Downham, north of Bromley, is close to the ITCC headquarters in Sidcup and is a relatively new suburban area of south east London. The local locksmith Downham knows some of the fascinating social history of this area. Apparently, residents in nearby Bromley wanted to keep the “rough” working classes out of their neighbourhood. Downham had been built to house people from the East End, and it was felt that these incomers were too vulgar to access the town centre of Bromley via their leafy and well-to-do streets. Somehow, a brick wall was built across Valeswood Road at its junction with Alexandra Crescent. It was seven feet high and was edged with broken glass. It became known as the “class wall”. Bromley Town Council, the LCC and Lewisham Council all resisted the demolition of the wall, despite complaints, and the wall didn’t come down until 1950. It’s amazing to think that this class barrier was in place until well after the Second World War!

Downham may not be the rough place with the bad reputation that it had in the 1930’s, but every area has to guard against crime. The ITCC locksmith BR1 is keen to do what he can to keep all of his customers safe and secure. Here are three favourite tips from the locksmith in Downham:

  • Don’t put off your burglar alarm service! If you have a faulty alarm that frequently goes off, get it fixed immediately by your local ITCC locksmith in BR1 and tell your neighbours that it has been repaired. Otherwise, they’ll start to ignore your alarm if it goes keeps going off.
  • Garages can be vulnerable, says the locksmith Downham. You could put a frosted film over the windows, or even cover them over completely. Then burglars won’t be able to tell if your car is in the garage or not. They also won’t be able to see any handy tools or ladders that could give them access into your house.
  • Ask your ITCC locksmith BR1 to supply you with a good quality lock to protect your garden shed and its contents. You could even consider extending the burglar alarm fitted to your house out to the shed.

The ITCC locksmith Downham has plenty more common sense advice that he can share with you. Why not resolve to make an appointment with him?

Remember: your local ITCC locksmith BR1 knows your area, and doesn’t charge a call out fee.

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