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Locksmith Hersham

ITCC have a mobile locksmith located near Hersham and will usually arrive at your location in 30 minutes. We are registered with the Police and all of our field staff have had DBS checks carried out ensuing none of them have any previous criminal convictions.

We supply a wide range of locks from simple locks to high security locks such as Mult T locks, 3 star locks which are snap and pick resistant.  We supply locks which comply to British standard 3621 a standard set out by the British standards institute.

We are a family run company, we commit to high standards of care. We ensure are staff are trained extensively and are proficient in using the latest techniques, tools and technology to ensure we can complete the job quickly and to the highest standard.

We also provide our customers with a 6 month guarantee on all of our work to ensure you are satisfied with our service.


ITCC provides a wide range of services which include simple such as opening a door, or unlocking a lock, we can repair or replace your existing locks to installing more complex security appliances such as CCTV or a burglar alarm.

We can also conduct a security survey on your property and identify any weaknesses which may make you more vulnerable to a break in. We will then write up a list of recommendations which we can carry out if you choose to increase the security of your home or business.

Tips and Facts

  1. Last year there was a burglary every 40 seconds in the UK.
  2. 40% of homes burgled were empty.
  3. 26% of burglaries in the summer the burglar walked through an unlocked door to enter the property.
  4. Last year more than 200,000 burglaries were committed in the summer alone.
  5. 90% of UK front door locks are Yale euro cylinder locks which are susceptible to lock snapping.

How to stop them

  1. Burglaries usually gain access using one of these thee methods.
  • Simply walking through the door
  • Force
  • Lock Snapping
  • The first is as easy as walking through an unlocked door. Some people fail to lock their doors when they vacate the property, make sure you lock all the doors and windows when leaving the property.
  • The second method is to use force which usually involves kicking down the door. To overcome this problem London bars fitted to your frames will strengthen the door frames this coupled with a good lock will help ensure the door is force resistance.
  • The third way to enter the property is usually by snapping your euro cylinder lock which can be done in as little as 13 seconds with a simple screw driver and hammer. To overcome this problem we recommend a 3 star ABS lock which is pick and snap resistant.

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