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Locksmith Holborn

We understand when you are in a pickle and you have lost your keys, need a lock replacing quickly or simple can’t get in or out of your home you want the best priced locksmith and for the job to be  done as soon as possible.

At ITCC we have a local locksmith Holborn that lives locally to the Holborn area and best of all, he is on call 24/7 so whenever you have a problem we will be able to fix it ASAP. We will usually be at your location in 30 minutes of your call and fix your fix your problem in a single visit.

We only supply and fit locks which meet British standard 3621 which measures theft resistance and is set by the BSI.

Crime in St Pancras and Holborn

According to UK crime stats website St Pancras and Holborn there was approx 160 burglaries reported in 2015 which compared to the population is higher than the UK average.  It is thought a cut in police numbers as well as the high value of the average property which may contain more valuable items may be the reason for the higher than average burglary figures.

The Holborn area is made up of a mixture of domestic and commercial buildings, with the average cost of a property in 2015 being approx £1.3 million and this of course acts as a pull factor for any burglars.

The style of homes and commercial buildings ranges hugely from new flats to Georgian and Edwardian homes. The older the property the higher the security risk on average as older buildings have less secure locks and windows and can lack modern security systems such as an alarm or CCTV.

Tips from our Locksmith

    1. A good idea would be to place any important paper work such as bank statements, contracts etc etc in a metal safe. We stock a range of safes ranging from small safes ideal for documents all the way to safes which weight over 100kg ideal for anything of value as well as being fire resistant.
    2. If you do spend long times away from property, it may be worth investing in a security alarm or CCTV system, some of the latest versions on the market connect straight to your Smart phone allowing you to see their status and a live video stream.
    3. Garages and sheds are primary targets for burglars, according to the Met police website the 5 most stolen items from Sheds and garages are as follows.Locksmith Holborn
      • Bicycles
      • Lawn mowers
      • Sportsequipment
      • Power tools
      • Gardening tools

      Ensure your insurance covers these items as not all insurances do and it may require a high premium.

      To help ensure the safety of your item,  we can install a battery operated shed alarm which responds to motion and will sound a high pitch siren when set off, deterring any more criminal action.

      And remember the heavier and bulkier the item the harder it is to steal. Secure your bike to a ground anchor and store all tools in a lockable box.

The map refers to the centre of the area served and not the location of one of our locksmiths or buildings.

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