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Our locksmith Iver deals with anything to do with locks. What’s more, he is on call 24/7 in this area, so when ever you are in need, we are ready to help.

Our locksmith Iver always has a wide range of locks available, and can fix most lock problems during his initial visit. Our man in Iver has a number of years  experience, and will solve your lock emergency in promptly.

ITCC can be relied upon to answer the phone when you need him and to come straight over to deal with your lock emergency. For those who have had the bad luck of being burgled or have had their property damaged, there is even a 24-hour emergency boarding up service. He strives to attend emergency calls to any local address within 30 minutes.

A Trusted local locksmith Iver

ITCC has built up an extensive client base over the years, including security companies, businesses, landlords and private individuals, and our business has continued to grow.

Locksmith Iver

Iver High street

Iver is a popular commuter town but this can make it a vulnerable to burglars. As they realise the majority of people will be busy at work during the day leaving there homes empty and thus a target.

Homes that look unoccupied  are more likely to be targeted. Thieves can often approach houses that look like nobody is at home so consider asking ITCC’s local locksmith in SL0 to supply you with a number of  timers for your home so that it appears that someone is home, as lights and other appliances will be switching on and off through the day. Having a good understanding of when burglars are most likely to strike and what they look for will allow you to better plan your security.

The map location refers to the centre of the area served, rather than the discrete location of one of our agents.

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