Locksmith Kidbrooke

Locksmith Kidbrooke

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24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Kidbrooke

ITCC have a local locksmith in Kidbrooke who is on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so whenever you are in a sticky situation and you can’t get into your home, office or your locked in or locked out and no matter the time we will always come to your aid. When you give us a call we will give you a very good quote and will be at your location is an estimated 30 minutes of your call.

As a family run organisation we place a huge emphasis on customer satisfaction as we believe this has been the primary reason for our strong growth and always attempt to keep you the customer happy so you can recommend us to your friends and family.  If you are ever unsatisfied with the service our locksmith in Kidbrooke has provided give us a call and we will always attempt to make amends.

All locks we supply meet British standards our locksmiths carry a wide range in their vehicles giving you the choice of lock. Locks vary in price and security level however we highly recommend a 3 star ABS lock which is both insurance and police approved. And only you will be able to get another key cut due to the unique code and security question you must input on the ABS website.

Tips from our Kidbrooke Locksmith

  1. Ensure you have both a strong lock and a strong frame on your front and back doors you lock is only as strong as your frame. To strengthen your frame we recommend getting us to install a London bar
    Locksmith Kidbrooke


    , which is very effective device which will help ensure your door is kick and split resistant.

  2. We provide a range of additional security devices such as peep holes, door chains, safes and other higher tech security devices such as the new Avocet AIM smart water door chain which will spray any intruder who has gained force entry through the door with a quick drying solution which will mark the intruder with an invisible liquid which can be detected for up to a year after initial contact our locksmith Kidbrooke will be able to install this.
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