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We are delighted to offer our professional service as a local locksmith in Kidbrooke. We are fully insured and DBS checked to give you peace of mind. Our team operates 24/7, ensuring that whenever you encounter an issue that requires the services of a skilled locksmith in Keston we are always ready to help.

We take pride in our quick response time, and we strive to arrive at your location within 30 minutes of your call. Whether you need to gain access to your premises, repair or replace your locks, or even need some advice on how to secure your property, our friendly and knowledgeable team is always at hand to offer you expert advice and provide a comprehensive solution.

Please do not hesitate to call us on 020 8302 9005 to speak with one of our locksmiths today. We look forward to helping you!


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    Lock Change/ Installation

All of our locksmiths and technicians are fully trained qualified and equipped to take on any job. We pride ourselves on delivering a fast and efficent service to both businesses and residences

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    Emergency Locksmith

Our 24/7 Emergecny Service can help you when you need it most, no matter the day of the time. Our locksmiths live local to the areas in Beckenham they serve ensuring we can usually reach any part of Beckenham and its surrounding areas in 20 – 30 minutes.

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    Burglary Repairs

Unfortunately being a victim of a burglary can happen to anyone at any time which is why our locksmiths in Beckenham BR3 can conduct burglary repairs, reinforce your doors and/or board your windows 24/7.

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    UPVC Door & Window Repair

UPVC has revolutionised home security but they can pose a problem when you lose a key or your window handles jam. Our locksmiths carry a range of UPVC mechanisms and window handles ensuring we can always help.

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    12 Month Guarantee

For your peace of mind our workmanship is guaranteed for a period of 12 months. In the unikely event that your have any issues following installation or repair of your locks, we will available to rectify any issues. To activate just give call quoting your invoice number.

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    Security Accessories

Our locksmiths carry a range of security accessories which can enhance your security such as peep holes and door chains, London and Birmingham bars and many others, all of which can be beneficial to your home or business security.

Speak to a locksmith now on 020 8302 9005

  • 30 Minute response time
  • All staff are DBS/CRB Checked
  • New Lock / replacement services
  • All types of doors and windows including UPVC
  • 12 month guarantee on all our work

100% Peace of Mind

We guarantee our work for 12 months and are fully qualified and insured.

Press To Call: 0208 302 9005

Residential Locksmiths

All of our locksmiths are fully qualified, trained & equipped to fix any security problem relating to your residential property. We can carry out simple jobs such as changing locks or more complex jobs such as undertaking a full security survey and security upgrade of your property.

Commercial Locksmiths

Our Locksmiths are experts when it comes to securing and enhancing the security of commercial properties.  From simple mechanical and digital keypad locks to more complex access control, intercom and alarm systems, we can do it all. 

Emergency Locksmiths

Our locksmith Kidbroke is never too far away. We can usually reach most properties in under 30 minutes of the initial call. If you are not in a rush just give us a call and book an appointment for a time most convenient for your schedule. 

Press To Call: 0208 302 9005

Why Call ITCC Locksmiths In Kidbrooke

  • Lost your keys
  • Key snapped in the lock
  • Locked yourself in or out
  • Window jammed
  • Sticky Locks
  • Require Eviction with Bailiff Services
  • Need a lock replacement
  • New Lock Installed
  • Enhance your property security
  • Wooden door lock probems
  • Access Control
  • Boarding up Windows
  • Door adjustment
  • UPVC Composite Door problems
  • Window handle problems
  • Digital Locks
  • Screw-in Locks
  • Euro Cylinders
  • UPVC Locking Mechanisms
  • Restricted Locks
  • Padlocks
  • Mortice Locks
  • UPVC Gear Boxe
  • Anti-snap locks
  • British Standard Locks
  • Master Keying

About ITCC Locksmith Kidbrooke

We have a highly trained and dedicated team of locksmiths and engineers located all over Greater London and the Home Counties. 

Our locksmiths carry everything they need in their vehicles, therefore no matter what job you need doing our locksmith will usually be able to complete the job there and then. 

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ITCC Locksmith Kidbrooke shop is situated in Bexley and is an independent family run locksmith company with over 13 years of experience under our belt. 

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Comprehensive Locksmiths Service For All Situations

ITCC Locksmiths provides a comprehensive locksmith service to residents and businesses on a 24/7 basis. No matter what reason you require a locksmith and no matter the size or complexity of the job, ITCC Locksmiths is here to help. 

From standard lock changes to a complete security overhaul of your property which may include, high security locks, forensic door chains, intercom systems, alarms, door bolts, London and Birmingham bars and much much more. ITCC Locksmiths deliver a fast, efficient and professional service.

We are always happy to help both residential and commercial customers. All of our team are professionals and have more then enough experience to fix whatever problems you have encountered with your locks or security.

To learn more about our services or for a free no obligation quote, give us a call or for some security advice take a look at our ever growing blog section.  

Only Trusted & Reputable Suppliers

ITCC Locksmiths only source locks and equipment from the most reputable security manufactures and suppliers which include, Yale, Era, Union, Avocet, Squirrel, Master, Maxus, Banham & many others. Helping to ensure we are equipped with the latest locks and can compete the vast majority of jobs in a single visit. 

We ensure all of our skilled locksmiths are qualified and equipped with all the modern and traditional locks including a comprehensive range of High Security Locks including, Euro Cylinder, 3 & 5 leaver Mortice Locks, Sash Locks, Rim Cylinders, Latches, Shutter Locks, Pad Locks, Bullet Locks, Post box Locks, UPVC Mechanism & Gear Boxes and anything else you could use to improve the security of your home or business. 

Locksmith Brands Used by our Locksmith Kidbrooke

Residential Locksmiths

All of our locksmiths are fully qualified, trained & equipped to fix any security problem relating to your residential property. We can carry out simple jobs such as changing locks or more complex jobs such as undertaking a full security survey and security upgrade of your property.

Commercial Locksmiths

Our Locksmiths are experts when it comes to securing and enhancing the security of commercial properties.  From simple mechanical and digital keypad locks to more complex access control, intercom and alarm systems, we can do it all. 

Locksmith Near Me

Find a locksmith near me, ITCC locksmiths have a team of locksmiths and technicians located all over Grater London and the surrounding counties.

Emergency Locksmith Kidbrooke Service

One of our locksmiths are never too far away. We can usually reach most properties in under 30 minutes of the initial call. If your not in a rush just give us a call and book an appointment for a time most convenient for your schedule. 

Press To Call: 0208 302 9005

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Security Advice

ITCC Locksmiths over the last 13 years have built up a wealth of knowledge. We have brought some of this handy knowledge together in a simple and easy to follow drop down list, which can be seen below. For more information in regards to home and business security, please take a look at our blog section. 

UPVC doors are used extensively in the UK as they offer a good level of security and are cheaper compared to composite and wooden alternatives. Composite & UPVC doors are extremely resistant to forceful attacks due to the multi point locking system. However they are prone to a number of techniques criminals use to gain access to your home. Some of these are as follows: 

  • Hooking : This simply involves putting a hook through the letter box to push the handle down and thus open the door.
  • Door Popping: Door Popping involves placing an air cushion in between the door, inflating it then using something like a spade to insert in to the gap made by the air cushion, then using the leverage to literally pop the door open. 

This can be overcome by simply double locking your door. To do this is easy, simply take your key and insert it into the lock, then pull the handle up and turn the key to lock the door, you should hear all the hooks and bolts engage. 

Wooden doors are fitted to many homes in the UK and our locksmiths know how vulnerable these doors can, if not used correctly. These doors are typically fitted with a latch and a deadlock. 

The two main vulnerabilities of wooden doors are as follows. 

  1. Brute Force: This involves using brute force to either open or break the door off the frame.  
  2. Bypassing:  This involves sliding something thin and flexible between the door and the latch. Once the tension has been removed from the latch and as long as  the mortice lock hasn’t been engaged the door will open. 

To overcome these we recommend the following: 

London and Birmingham Bars – To protect against a forceful attack we recommend installing a London and Birmingham bar to your door, this dramatically increases the doors ability to withstand a brute force attack, as it basically reinforces the doors frame.  

Double Locking – To double lock your wooden door you can do one of two things, the first is to lock the latch by either pressing the button or pushing the little switch usually placed on the side of the latch.

The second way to double lock your wooden door is to lock your mortice lock with your key. By locking the mortise lock you greatly reduce the  chance of success of lock picking, bumping in addition to strengthening the door against a forceful attack.

Upgrading Your Wooden Door Locks – As discussed earlier wooden doors typically have 2 locks. One lock is a night latch, unfortunately standard night latches are prone to bypassing as we discussed earlier however if you upgrade to an automatic locking night latch, the lock will automatically deadlock when shut, making this type of bypassing technique impossible.

The second lock is the deadlock; the highest security deadlocks are 5 leavers and meet British standard 3621. But if you want the best level of security possible you can always use a detainer lock, which are similar to deadlocks but are much more resistant to many forms of bypassing, the only downside is that detainers are generally more expensive.  

Close Your Curtains – Simple behavioural changes can decrease the chance of a burglary substantially. For example many thieves are opportunists and if they see something worth stealing they may take the chance, by closing your curtains it stops potential thieves from seeing the contents of your home, giving any opportunistic thief less incentive. 

Lock Your Doors & Windows – It sounds obvious but you need to ensure you lock your doors and windows whenever you leave your property, even if it’s for 5 minutes. Astonishingly 70% of burglars gain access using the front or back door and in around 21% of the time the door was unlocked. 

Safe – A damage limitation method encase the worst was to happen is to install a home safe to store money, jewellery, important documents and laptops in. If you use a small safe try and find somewhere to hide it as small safes are easy to pick up and getaway with.

Lighting – Lighting is a hugely important element of home security, for two reasons. 

Firstly lighting can make it seem as if your home is occupied, even if it is not. It is a well known fact that burglars intentionally target homes which look unoccupied. To counter this you can use plug timers to turn on and off appliances such as lamps, Tv’s and radios during the day and night. You can also use Smart bulbs which connect to your WIFI allowing you to remotely turn on and off your lights or set them to turn on and off at a  time of your choosing. 

Secondly it is recommended you fit motion sensor based lighting near any accessible doors and windows. Lighting is a great deterrent and no criminal wants their shady activities illuminated to the world.

Thieves often target peoples gardens and sheds as they can contain quite valuable and easy to sell contents. Such as bikes, gardening tools, power tools etc.  Here are a few of our tips on how to better protect your garden.

  1. Keep it Clean – Keep any valuables such as bikes and tools in your home or in a secured shed or garage. 
  2. Obscure Windows – Ensure your shed is not enticing to criminals. Cover any windows to stop opportunist thieves from seeing the contents. 
  3. High Quality Locks – Keep your shed locked with a high quality, high security padlock preferable one with an alarm which will trigger if someone is tampering with it. 
  4. Stand Alone Alarms – You may want to consider a stand alone alarm. These are cheap easy to install and will emit a high decibel alarm if not deactivated.

According to the Office for National Statistics there were 113,037 incidents of car thefts being reported in 2019 that’s a 9% increase from the year before. The Association of British Insurers also reported an increase of 11% in the number of cases linked to car theft. As the facts prove car theft is on the increase and thus extra precautions may be necessary when it comes to car security. 

Locking Your Car – This may seem like a no brainer but you would be surprised by the number of people who don’t lock their cars when they are not inside, either by accident or on purpose. Many thieves will try their luck and pull the handle to see if the door opens or not, if the door opens you can say goodbye to any valuables you have inside. 

Ensure you car is Alarmed – This too seems like a no brainer but not all cars are alarmed especially vintage cars which are sometimes highly valuable. If this is the case, you need to ensure you have an expert install an alarm. By having an alarm on your car you make the thief work harder and the harder they have to work the higher the chance they will give up. 

Hide Valuables – This one is definitely a no brainer. Many thieves are opportunistic and will strike if they see something worthwhile. So it’s best to hide any valuables in your car, by putting them in the glove compartment, boot or under the seats. Never leave cash out in the open and never leave anything of high value, otherwise you may just end up regretting it. 

Keyless Car Security – Keyless cars are particularly vulnerable to clever criminals, who can use computer software to scan your keys’ wireless signal and then copy this to their laptop, enabling them to open and turn on your car. One way to prevent this is to place your car keys in a metal box, this will reflect the signal meaning the baddies will be unable to pick up the signal. 

Steering Lock – It’s always a good idea to have a steering wheel lock in your car and to apply it to the wheel whenever you exit the vehicle. This will not only make a thief’s job much much harder but will also act as a deterrent, maybe stopping a crime before one is committed.  

How Do You Identify A High Security Lock?

Identifying a high security lock is simple, if you know what you are looking for. 

Locks which are designated medium to high security should feature the British standard kite mark, this confirms the lock meets British Standard 3621, which is a level of theft resistance, established by the British Standards Institute.   

Some locks such as Euro cylinders and Rim Cylinders feature a star rating system.

  • No stars means the lock is of standard security 
  • 1 star means the lock is of Medium security 
  • 3 star means the lock is High Security 

You should find this located on the faceplate of the lock which is just under where you would insert the key. 

British Standard Locks BS 3621
3 Stars & British Standard Kite Mark
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