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We provide a prompt and professional service to the residents of Langley and the surrounding areas of Datchet, Colnbrook, Poyle, Horton, Fulmer, George Green, Wexham.

Our locksmith lives locally so if you need him in a hurry we always aim to arrive at your location in around 30 minutes, however you can also book an appointment of your choosing for more standard work such as a lock change or a door unlock.

Comprehensive ServiceLocksmith langley

ITCC offer a comprehensive locksmith service so whatever problem you have we can help.

The SL3 area is made up of a number of small towns and villages and these can create their own problems when it comes to security.For example the majority of homes in the area are flats or semi-detached house and the primary concern with flats is that you have to balance security with fire safety.

  • Ensure your doors meet BS 5588/BS 8621 which allows you to open the door from the inside without a key. Furthermore you should always have the ability to open any communal door from the inside with a single action without the need for a key and if the flats has a door closer ensure it is in good working action as sometimes they can jam and prevent you from escaping.
  • Another valid point is that in many of these villages the door tend to be relatively old and thus the frames could be weaker than you would usually see so for added protection you could also consider fitting a London and Birmingham bars to the frame.
  • Letterboxes need to have an internal cover plate, this helps prevent so called fishing when a criminals try to fiddle with the lock through the letter box using flexible metal rods etc and other tools.


This map shows the center of the location served and not one of our premises or agents.

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