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Locksmith New Cross

ITCC locksmiths have been operating for over 10 years and have a wealth of experience in providing a fast, cost effective and professional locksmith services to the people and businesses of New Cross.

We are a local company based in South London with locksmiths operating throughout the capital. In fact we have a local locksmith in the New cross area and as a result can be with you in around 30 minutes of your initial call.

We don’t just deal with emergencies, if you don’t need our assistance straight away just book an appointment for a time for us to visit and fix your problem.

24 hour local Emergency Locksmith

ITCC provide a 24 hour emergency locksmith in New Cross, so no matter what time of the day or night you happen to give us a call we are always on hand and ready to help you overcome your lock problem.

Experienced Locksmith in New Cross

New Cross is located in the borough of Lewisham in South London not far from our HQ.  We know the area very well and the type of problems it faces. New Cross has a mixture of homes and businesses and has one of the highest number of commercial burglaries in London.

According to the UK CrimeStats New Cross suffered from 144 burglars in the past 12 months and 24 bike thefts, while this is not exceptionally high many of these could have been prevented with a little more thought for security.

Locksmith tips

  1. If you own a business in New Cross you may want to think about installing security systems such as CCTV which will allow you to record 24/7.  Or maybe Access control may suit your needs, you to control the movement of employees while restricting certain areas to employees of your choosing. An alarm system may suit your needs even more so whenever someone tries to enter the building when its locked up a high pitch siren will ring. To be extra safe literally we can also install a range of safes which will ensure even if a break in does happen your cash and important documents will stay safe and secure.
  2. Immobolise and BikeRegister are websites which allow anyone to register valuable items such as TVs, phones and bikes. This means if the items are ever stolen and recovered, the police will use this database to check for ownership.
  3. Buildings with no security measures are 5 times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures. Strong lock are a must, on both your doors and windows, other simple measures such as a chain lock, a peep hole and a letter cage can make considerable differences.

The map refers to the centre of the area served and not the location of our locksmith New Cross

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