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If you need a locksmith Slough in hurry, then ITCC is the company to call. We have an emergency locksmith in Slough who is local and can be with you in thirty minutes. So whenever you lose your keys, snap them, looking for a security upgrade or have recently become a victim of a burglary ITCC can provide a prompt and professional service.

Our locksmith in SL1 has many years of experience and deals with every call in a sympathetic and professional manner. He deals with broken door and window locks, replacement mechanisms for UPVC windows and doors and upgrades for insurance purposes.

Advice from our Locksmith Slough

Slough is home to a large number of commuters which means their homes are left vacant during the day. This, unfortunately, is also common knowledge to local criminals, who can take advantage of this fact. The advice from us is to make sure that you do all you can to combat crime in your neighbourhood. It’s a good idea to regularly review your personal security, and make changes as they occur. So if you have just bought a top-of-the range sit on mower, make sure that you provide good security in your shed. Use a sturdy padlock to chain up your mower, and, if possible add a security light to illuminate your garden at night. ITCC is happy to discuss your options with you, and then fit the best product for your needs at a very reasonable price.Locksmith Slough

Similarly, if it’s coming up for Christmas time, don’t leave all your presents on display under the Christmas tree. Close the curtains at night, and ask the local locksmith SL1 about his comprehensive range of timers and security lights that will make your house look occupied.

This map shows the location of the area served and not the location of our locksmith.

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