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Have you been burgled? Do you need a new front door lock? We have a locksmith Southgate who can come out to you to deliver the full range of lock services. A good locksmith in N14 can be hard to find, so it’s good to know that you’ve discovered an independent, family-run business that is focused on providing a quality service. After just one phone call, our ITCC locksmith N14 can be with you in around thirty minutes to deal with your problem on the spot. Being a local locksmith Southgate, he knows your area and won’t be charging you a call out fee. He’ll even throw in some good advice for nothing! Here are just a few of his tips:
• It pays to install a sturdy fence and gate to the side of the house, to prevent intruders from sneaking round the back. Ask the locksmith Southgate to fit a sturdy, integral key-operated lock or a good quality padlock on the gate. Buying from ITCC’s locksmiths Southgate will ensure that you get a guaranteed, reliable product.
• No matter how good the locks fitted by your locksmith Southgate are, they are of no use if residents can’t be bothered to lock up when they leave their properties. An amazing 20% of people are burgled because they have left a window or door open when they’ve gone out! It’s the simplest point of all: remember to lock up when you go out.
• A safe can be a useful place for important business documents. If your company needs to store sensitive data, such as personal details or financial information, you should seriously consider buying a safe from our locksmith N14

Whatever type of security service you need, your local locksmiths Southgate guarantees that he will be able to help you. All of the locksmiths Southgate are CRB checked, fully insured and trained to the highest of standards to ensure that you are provided with the best service possible.

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