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If you’r in need of a fast responding and trusted locksmith Sudbury you have found the right man. We have a local locksmith close to Sudbury who can get to your location within 30 minutes if you needed him that quickly. if it is not an emergency situation just give us a call and book an appointment with our locksmith.

What we can do

  • Unlock a door
  • Install a lock on a door
  • Change an existing lock this includes, Euro locks, rim locks, garage locks, Oval locks, Scandinavian locks,
  • Assess and evaluate property security
  • Increase property security

Locksmith SudburyITCC Locksmiths

  • Comprehensive locksmith service
  • Affordable
  • Local Service
  • Fast responding service
  • 24/7 Emergency service
  • DBS checked staff
  • Insurance work
  • Commercial work
  • Domestic work

ITCC Locksmiths Sudbury is dedicated to providing all customers  with a professional and affordable service, we have worked with countless landlords and private and public companies such as the  NHS, The Metropolitan police, HSBC and many other well known companies.

ITCC work with all major security product manufactures this helps ensure we keep our vehicles full of the latest locks, tools, keys and equipment to fix any problem straight away. ITCC has a strong customer base this includes both domestic and residential customers.

Crime and tips

According to UK crime stats Sudbury has a population of approximately  25,000 people, crime relative to population is similar to other areas, between July 2016  and August 2017 year 88 burglaries were reported in addition to 18 bike thefts. This represents the reported figures however 50% of crime is never reported and some burglaries are not realised for a considerable amount of time and thus never reported. Burglars are becoming increasingly smarter and are using better tactics to evade detection or to cover their trail. For example burglars use home made tools such as plastic micra cards to open rim locks and hooks to open UPVC doors, they use similar entry methods to locksmiths. That is why a locksmith is the best person to give you security advice.

Criminals also use other methods after gaining entry, for example if you have a dog it is not unheard for a burglar to pepper spray a dog or give them tranquilliser, on average a burglar  will spend less then two minutes trying to gain access to a property, after this time the burglar will move on in search of an easier and less protected target. Our locksmith Sudbury says this suggests that the best method to stop a burglary is to

  1. Deter – The majority of burglaries either happen in the day time when people are at work or at night when people are asleep and the home is less protected. to overcome this you must give the impression someone is in and awake. Our locksmith Sudbury HA0 suggest you use light timers and set them to turn on and off during the night and day time, from the outside world it looks like someone is awake and walking around the property.
  2. Protect This can be achieved in a number of ways our Sudbuy locksmiths suggest you ensure your locks meet British standard 3621 this make it harder for a burglar to bypass and most BS locks have the BSI Kitemark showing on the lock face-plate.

The map location above refers to the centre of the postcode served, rather than the discrete location of one of our agents or premises.

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