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We at ITCC take great pride in providing an efficient, professional and fast service locksmith to the residents and businesses of Thamesmead. Our customers can vouch that ITCC locksmith Thamesmead can be trusted to answer the phone when you’re in need. He will evaluate your situation then provide you with a broken down quote so you know exactly what you’re paying for. And once you have agreed and if it’s urgent the locksmith will rush to your aid and will attempt to attend any emergency within 30 minutes. We are always on call all day every day 365 days a year, so you can be reassured whether you’ve lost your keys, locked yourself out or unfortunately been a victim of a burglary your ITCC Thamesmead locksmith SE28 is on call to help to get you into your home, replace a lock or bored up a door or window after they have been damaged in a break in. All of our locksmiths are fully police checked. We only supply British standard locks which meet insurance company requirements. And when you do call our SE28 locksmith  one of our team will take your call as we don’t use call centres, he will then drive to your location in his van which is cramped full of keys locks and tools to ensure the job is completed as soon as possible.

If you didn’t know ITCC is a local SE28 locksmith part of an independent family run business who strives to provide the best possible service at the most competitive price. From the initial call we endeavour to keep you informed every step of the way. Take a look at some of our great feedback from customers if you don’t believe us.

We understand it’s easy to be laid back about the security of your home especially if you have never been a victim of a break in or vandalised, but you must never take your security for granted cause you may never forgive yourself if the worst was to happen. That’s why we also offer an evaluation service. Our Thamesmead locksmith will travel to your property and cast a fresh pair of eyes over your home and find any exposed areas, he will then recommend ways to reinforce these areas to make them burglar proof.

Our locksmith has tones of useful advice here are just some of them.

  1. It’s a good idea to plant hollys, pyracanthus and rambling roses up the side of you building near any low lying roofs to deter potential thieves, from trying to gain entry. It’s all too easy for a thief to peel back a felt or corrugated iron roof and climb in.
  2. Thieves are opportunists; they look for opportunities such as an open window, or open door as well as vacant homes. So you need to be careful when you leave your home even if is just for a short time, make sure you LOCK UP. It’s also worth trying to give the impression that someone is home. You can do this with security times, these are cheap and easy to setup. The idea of these timers is to turn on when you’re out, at work for example. These timers work on lights and other appliances such as radios and TVs.
  3. Is your garage or shed secure, if it’s not, why not? Have you ever considered the value of all your possession in your shed or garage, once you start adding up the prices they are probably worth more than you think? So our Thamesmead locksmith recommends a strong padlock to resist an attack, put heavy chains through the handles of you lawn mower and the wheels of any bikes this makes them harder to steal.

So why not call our locksmith Thamesmead for any locks or security dilemma you may have, no matter how big or how small we are always happy to help, we work with everyone residents, landlords and we have even worked with some well-known companies. Call your locksmith in Thamesmead at any time, 24 hours a day, whatever you need him.

The map location above refers to the centre of the postcode served, rather than the discrete location of one of our agents or premises.

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