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We have a mobile locksmith in Tolworth area that lives locally and is ready to take your call day or night. Our Tolworth locksmith operates 24/7 and can be at your location in around 30 minutes of your call.

ITCC is a certified, all of our staff has had background checks carried out  so you can trust none of our locksmiths have any criminal convictions. We also ensure all of our locksmiths undergo rigorous training. We also retrain our locksmith routinely to use the latest techniques, tools and technology to ensure we can complete any job quickly and efficiently.

Supply and fit all major lock brands

We supply and fit all major brands of locks such as Avocet, Sterling, Yale, Era, Union, Maxus, Versa and many more. We also supply British standard locks which conform to British Standard 3621 which is set out by the British Standards institute.


We accept payment by cash or by card which will be taken over the phone after the job is complete.

Crime in Tolworth

According to UK Crime Stats Tolworth had reported 51 Burglars between May 2015 and April 2016. While this figure is very low when compared to other areas of London. The borough of Kingston has some of the lowest crime rates in the capital and reported a mere 970 burglaries last year, now if you compare this to Southwark which has 3000 you can see why the borough is one of the safest to live.

Burglary in the capital has increased 4.8% when you compare 2014-2015. Additionally due to restraints on police resources the number of burglaries solved has fallen from 12% in 2012 to just 6% in 2015

Locksmith Tips

To prevent burglars from targeting your home we have write a small list of recommendations which you can see below.

  1. Strong door and window locks are crucial to guarantee the safety and security of your premises. Older locks are more susceptible to being picked or snapped open exposing the mechanism inside rendering it useless. Locks such as our 3 Star ABS lock are snap and pick resistant.
  2. One of the best burglar deterrents on the market is a simple burglar alarm. The high decibel sirens will scare any burglar when activated. You may also want to consider CCTV which can act as an extra deterrent and as hard evidence if the burglar is caught at a later date, ensuring a conviction.
  3. If you are really serious about your security you may consider the Avocet Forensic security system. This heavy duty door chain has a two part deterrent. The first part is a uniquely coded smart water spray which is sprayed onto the intruder when someone uses force to enter the property which can stay on the skin for up to two years. Every single spray is slightly different in its makeup and thus can be linked directly to the crime scene which helps ensure a conviction if the burglar is caught. Secondly when the chain has been broken a high itch siren will ring out alerting your neighbours.

This map refers to the centre of the location served and not out Locksmith Tolworth

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