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An emergency locksmith Wimbledon
Have you been burgled? Call me on 02083029005 – I’m a local locksmith SW19 and can help with all aspects of your break in. I can replace broken or damaged locks, provide a boarding service and advise on the future security of your premises. As ITCC’s experienced locksmith SW19, I’m on call 24 hours a day, so don’t hesitate to call for immediate service. I can be with you in around half an hour.
Oh – and don’t forget – as your locksmith Wimbledon, I also do more routine callouts too.
As your locksmith Wimbledon, I have plenty of experience and I’m happy to share that experience with you. Take a note of these three free tips, for a start, and get in touch if you’d like some more:
• Think about how a burglar would view your property. Does it look secure? This is where, as your locksmith Wimbledon, I come in. I can tell you what will make your property unpopular with intruders. Why not ask me to call round and assess your situation?
• Remember that 30% of all burglaries take place through an unlocked window. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you fit window locks. They are an easy and low-cost way to secure your home at any time, not just when you’re on holiday. Well-worth the investment. As your local locksmith SW19 I will be able to advise you of the best sort of locks for your particular needs.
• Make sure your property is visible from the street. From experience as a locksmith Wimbledon, I know that too much vegetation can hide an intruder as he tries to break in. Where possible, grow prickly plants around the boundaries of your property to keep the burglars at bay, but don’t let the plants take over.
If you’d like more tips like these, from me, your locksmith Wimbledon, just give me a call.

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