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Locksmith Nunhead
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Locksmith Nunhead

If you are in need of a 24 hour emergency Nunhead locksmith you have come to the right place. Our locksmith lives within the SE15 area near Peckham and can be with you in 30 minutes,  no matter what day or time you call we are always on standby to help.

We are a very experienced locksmith company with over 10 years of experience; we have been working with the local residents and businesses of Nunhead for a long time now and have gained a solid reputation throughout London for our speedy, affordable and top notch service. Give our locksmith Nunhead a call today and we will provide you with a quote over the phone and if you are satisfied and if it is an emergency we will send our locksmith ASAP and if it is not urgent you can book an appointment for us to pay you a visit.

We offer a compressive range of locksmith services which are listed below if we have not listed what you are looking for just give us a call to see if we can help.

  • Unlocking all types of locks, deadlocks, mortice, UPVC locks, electronic etc
  • Unlock cars
  • Repairing / Replacing locks
  • Installing safes
  • Conduct a security survey of your property including for insurance

We can also fit and repair and install more advanced systems such as

  • Access Control
  • CCTV
  • Burglar alarms

Tips from our Locksmith

  1. If you have just purchased a new flashy TV or a new games console, do not show boat by posting the images on social media. As thieves can use this to gather information on potential targets. Furthermore do not place the boxes outside the home until rubbish collection day, as this can tell opportunists what new treasures you have..
  2. If you are lucky enough to own a garage ensure you use it. By parking your car in the garage you not only protect your car from the natural elements but thieves to. Also never leave any important documents in the car especially documents which relate to the car as thieves can use these to sell the car.
    1. Did you know homes with no security in place are almost 5 times more likely to be burgled than those with simple measures such as strong locks on the doors and windows as well as a letter cage, peep hole and door chain. If you live in a high crime area you may want to consider some more sophisticated security systems such as a burglar alarm or maybe our new Advocet alarm system. The system is a hardened door chain which is linked to a small box in this box contains an alarm which will emit a high frequency noise when forced open as well as spraying the intruder with smart water which can stay on the criminal for up to one year after being sprayed, this links the criminal directly with the crime as every system carries a unique DNA spray. For more information please give us a call.

The map refers to the centre of the area served and not the location of our locksmith

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