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We Cover Whitechapel & Surrounding Areas

Need an emergency locksmith Whitechapel E1 who can get to anywhere in and around Whitechapel in a hurry? Give us a call 02083029005 at ITCC: our locksmith can attend the scene with you in around 30 minutes of your call.

Our locksmith knows the Whitechapel area very well, as he is usually being called to help both business and residents alike with their emergencies. However if you would like more routine work carried out he is also the man to call. For example he can fix or replace window locks whether they are framed or sash windows.

Why Call ITCC Locksmiths in Whitechapel

  • 12 Month Guarantee
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  • 24/7 Service

We are on call 24/7, the locksmith Whitechapel is always  prepared with  every good brand of lock and keys such as ABS, Magnum, Chubb  etc to ensure that your property stays safe and sound. He can also supply and fit all types of safes for office or homes.

If you need an extra reason to call the locksmith Whitechapel, read on:

The kind of things that our locksmith Whitechapel regularly attends includes:

  • Securing a building after a break in
  • Attaining entre to a property when keys have been lost
  • Vehicle admission for lost keys
  • Fit new locks
  • Replacing uPVC door and window mechanisms.


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Locksmith Whitechapel

Trusted & Professional 

Emergency 24hour Locksmith Whitechapel

ITCC Locksmith Poplar E14

ITCC Locksmiths have over 12 years experience within the locksmith industry. We have locksmiths located all over Greater London and our team of Locksmiths based in central London can reach anywhere around the city in under 30 minutes in an emergency. 

Our locksmiths in central London also cover, 

City of London, Spitalfields, Wapping & Limehouse. 

Locksmith Security Advice 

Our locksmith E1 has many simple tips to share with you to make your property safer.  Whitechapel is in the heart of London and as a result almost everyone lives in a flat. People who live in flats often believe they are better protected from a break in then those who live in a house. this is incorrect. in fact there was there was 32 burglarises reported in December alone according to the Metropolitan Police. Here are some simple easy to follow tips on how to better protect your property. 

Believe it or not the most used way for burglar to entre a property is through the front door, they usually first knock to discover is someone is in, once they are certain no one is in an open door is the easiest way to enter the property. Did you know around 33% of all burglars just walk through the front door. Our locksmith suggests you upgrade the security of your front door by adding a spy hole for example of a door chain. But what ever security need you may have ITCC locksmith in Whitechapel s ready to help, you have had a chat over the phone the locksmith will provide you with a broken down quote so you know exactly what you are paying for.

  • The majority of the time when we leave our home or go to sleep at night we don’t usually double lock our door. This is a big mistake and can cost us dearly. ITCC Locksmiths recommend you always double lock your door. Most people will have either a wooden or a UPVC door. 

UPVC Doors – Double locking a UPVC door is very simple, it simple involves inserting your key into the Euro Cylinder, puling up the handles and locking with the key. This prevents a number of techniques criminals use to bypass your doors security. 

Wooden Doors – Wooden doors usually feature 2 locks. the top lock which is usually a rim lock sand night latch and the bottom lock which is usually a mortise deadlock. To double lock your wooden door you need to ensure you lock the mortice lock and not soul rely on the latch. by locking your deadlock you dramatically increased the force resistance of the door and prohibit criminals bypassing the rim lock and latch which can be surprisingly easy. 

  • If live on the ground floor even the first or second floor burglars have been known to gain access using peoples balconies and people often forget or neglect to secure them. Always ensure these are locked.
  • He’d advice that you set alarms whenever you leave your home, and change the codes on a regular basis.
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