Garage Security Tips

Garage Security Tips

Traditionally garages are the weak links when it comes to home security especially if these garages are attached to the home. They can give relatively easy access to your home. That is why we have written a guide to help protect your garage, your car and your home.

When you’ve driven your car into the garage and shut the door most people assume that, the bad guys have been locked out and most of the time they are indeed correct. However some thieves are smarter than people give them credit for and they have developed ways to get through, in this article we will tell you how they do it and how to stop them.

Stop them from Fishing

Electric garage door openers are connected to an emergency release that disconnects the door from the opener. Without this you wouldn’t be able to open the door when the opener is on the blink. However some cleaver criminals have turned this necessity feature into a security vulnerability.

It’s called “Fishing” some openers have a release mechanism that must be pulled straight down as they won’t release the door if the cord is pulled in any other direction Others are sometimes easier to open especially if the thief can see what he is doing using a window.

This is how it’s done.

  1. Burglars firstly push the door inward to create a small gap at the top which they then insert a wire hook then FISH for the release cord.
  2. Once the thief has hooked the cord, all it takes is a good pull to then open the garage door. Simple enough RIGHT.

So here is how you stop them

  1. We recommend you make a little shield which makes fishing for the cord almost impossible.  The shield can easily be made out of pieces of plywood. The shield should be placed in front of the cord facing the garage door, fastened to the cleat with just two brad nails, so it can break away. This way when a criminal try’s to hook the wire to fish for the cord he will just hit the ply wood.

Close the door

Many times garage security is compromised simply by forgetting to close the door. To overcome this issue you could install a door monitor just as a reminder. All you have to do is stick the sensor in an obvious spot, on your night stand for example. Or on the other hand you could buy an automatic door closer for added peace of mind.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garage attached to your home you may also have direct access to your home. Ensure you lock the entry door, with dead bolts for added security.

  • Cover the windows with either a cloudy film,curtains or blinds. If crooks can’t see what you have in your garage they won’t be motivated to break in.
  • Install a burglar alarm
  • Add security lighting to your garage, bright lights make criminals feel exposed and vulnerable. We recommend motion detector lighting as opposed to lights which stay on all night as this saves energy, wont annoy your neighbors.

Don’t keep the clicker in your car

We recommend you keep the opener with your keys and not in your car, because if thieves steal your car they will then have access to your garage and then possible your home. We recommend you discard the remote on your visor and instead replace it with a key chain remote. You can easily take it with you whenever you leave the car. You can buy these key chain remotes online, simple type the brand of your opener followed by remote.

High-security, high-tech opener

Some systems come with all the bells and whistles such as a built in monitor, automatic doors, light controls in addition to a smart phone connect.


With a monitor you no longer need to lay awake thinking if you closed the garage door or not.  A monitor placed on your bed side cabinet informs you whether the door is open or closed.  Unlike the monitors we talked about earlier these monitors can come with a button which closes the garage remotely.

Self-closing system

If you forget to close the door, this opener will do it for you. So no longer will you have to worry.

Light controls

Some openers come with two bulbs, but it can also switch on lights and fixtures inside and outside of your home. The opener can be programmed to switch on the lights when it’s open, or on the other hand you can switch them on independently of the opener if you wish.

Links to your smart phone

Some openers can even link to your smartphone, which means you can open or shut the door from anywhere on earth using a simple App, even better the opener can send you a text when the door is open. This coupled with a CCTV system which also links to your phone you will be able to see who’s coming and going from your home.

Lock up

We recommend you lock the track. If your garage door does not have a lockable track, simply drill a hole in the track above one of the rollers and install a padlock.

Some people manually unplug the opener when they go away on holiday for example, that’s a good idea, but physically locking the door is much better. Unplugging the opener doesn’t prevent fishing; it also won’t stop a burglar from opening the door from the inside to allow a car or van to back in so they can steal heavier possible more valuable objects, if they have managed to break in from another entrance. Make it as difficult as possible for burglars and lock the door itself.

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