Security Issues When Moving Home


Home-SecurityMoving to your new home in London could be a time of excitement and we do hope that you will like your new home. Anyway, as you make preparations to move home, you have lots to think about to ensure everything runs smoothly. Burglars are aware of this and might be looking for a chance of committing a crime.

No matter if you are buying or renting, the chances to be burgled are great when you are moving home – both prior and after the movement. You have a greater risk when renting.

You will get some advice on ways to make your belongings and home more secure in a little while.

Before the Move

  • Your New Home
  • Consult with the previous home occupants and the estate agent of crime in that area – was the house burgled before?
  • Think of installing or changing some extra door locks fit, in key – operated locks into windows and have an alarm. When there is already an alarm, you will have to change its access code. When it is connected to a monitoring service, there is need to give your details to them. Plan in advance so that you are able to do the necessary as you are moving in.
  • Using tradespeople
  • Ensure that you are able to trust the removers, other tradespeople, and estate agent. They should be members of a professional association or organization. Make use of people that are recommended by your friend or at least, the ones whose information is advertised in directories as yellow pages and magazines. Do not deal with persons who just list a mobile number.
  • Care for YourKeys
  • Whenever there is the need to hand out your keys to some people, ensure that they are trustable and request them to bring back the keys as fast as when they are done with them. Never give out more key sets than what you need to. Advise them not to mark them with your address or surname.
  • Estate Agents
  • When you are out lots of times, especially if you do have a sign board of “for sale”, request your  agent to take care of the details which they give away concerning your work, you, the home layout and your security arrangements
  • Insurance Cover
  • Be certain that your home insurance cover will transfer to the new home and even your belongings to be covered fully when moving, with through the removal company or your own insurance. 
  • Other Callers andViewers
  • Just allow somebody to check your home when they have done an appointment. If a stranger appears without being given an appointment, do not invite them in. Tell them to get into contact with your estate agent first.
  • Take Care of Rubbish
  • In the preparation of moving home, you might decide to clear out some old things. Take care not to leave large rubbish piles or packed bins for too long, outside your home.
  • Packing Your belongings
  • Ensure you do not collect many boxes from the local shops. It might be a sign that you are moving soon to a burglar. Instead, use large bags of plastic for lighter stuff. Think of leaving small valuables as jewelry, at the banks.

Moving Day

  • Secure Your Belongings
  • Ask neighbors and friends to watch over both your new and old homes and your items, or to help you out on the movement day. Lock all doors especially the shed or patio and garage doors or eye them if they are not used, like when you have a tea break. Have aspecial care of valuable items like televisions, DVDs, jewelry, and videos.
  • Animals and Small Children
  • Think about an arrangement for somebody to take care of them on the movement day – one less thing f distraction or to think about.
  • The Removal Van

Ensure that the removers will secure their vehicle to prevent it from theft when it is not with someone. Advice the movers to take care of the door which is used for loading of the van is not unlocked or left unguarded when not in use.

After the Move

  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • Most new neighbors will be helpful, welcoming and friendly. Get to know your neighbors as fast as you can and think of joining the local Neighbourhood Watch. The local police station or Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator can give you some advice about how to things or you could find out more information from the website of the Neighbourhood Watch.
  • New Belongings
  • Do not leave piles of boxes on the outside of your home – it can give out details or valuable and new equipment, that might attract burglars.
  • Mark Your Belongings
  • Marking on your belongings will put off thieves and help police to investigate crimes. Therefore, ensure markings are done to your property with the new postcode and the first two letter names of the home or your home number. Keep your personal list of model, serial numbers and make of these items. Have photos of all valuable items which cannot be labeled, like jewelry. Find out from your local police state some advice of how to have ‘post coded property’ stickers which you might put on your windows. 
  • More Advice to Prevent Crime
  • The local police station ae able to give helpful information on how to prevent crime. Other police forces can check on your home and recommend ways to improve the security. This is a famous service and when there is a long waiting list, they can send you details in a pack so as to check your property personally. 
  • When You are Burgled
  • Great security will deduct the chances of your house being burgled but if it does happen, thin of how you would deal with the scenario.
  • When in the house and hear a burglar, your reaction will be of personal choice and could depend on how matters are – for example when you are alone.
  • You could scare the burglar off by making a noise or keep quiet and hope the burglar will not get into the place you are in.

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